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Staying at home? Sheltering in place? Cleaning a firearm is a great activity for your unexpected extra “down time” this winter. This video covers 10 steps for basic handgun cleaning.

Lockdown Series is a set of short and minimally edited videos that document my preventative maintenance work during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to stay productive and positive during as we ride out the “shelter in place” order, I’m devoting more time to firearm maintenance than what I usually would (tedious and marginally mind-numbing work). Disclaimer: Most of the content in this mini-series will be directed toward new/beginner handgun owners.

Time Stamps:

1. Approaching a handgun with a magazine and closed bolt 0:16
2. CLP: What I use to clean firearms with 1:33
3. Slide removal 1:49
4. TW25b lubricant 9:49
5. Outro 12:53

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