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Steps to buying a silencer:

1. We have a silencer kiosk in our store at Gun Works in Cleveland or you can visit our own special link at the Silencer Shop (No transfer fees with Silencer Shop)
2. You will purchase the silencer and tax stamp through Silencer Shop. If you don’t want to purchase through the website, you can come into the store and purchase the silencer through us directly using the Silencer Shop inventory. Keep in mind if you purchase online with our link above you will not pay sales tax. If purchased in store then TN sales tax would be added.
3. Once you purchase the silencer you will receive a kiosk code to use in the store. The kiosk is used to capture your fingerprints and all your information that is used to submit ATF Form 4.
4. You will use the same kiosk code to access the silencershop app to capture your photo. You will need to download to your mobile phone. The app is available in your app store free of charge. Once downloaded you will enter the kiosk code into the app. Use the app to take a picture of yourself.
5. Once the prints and photo are received by Silencer Shop you will receive an email asking for you to digitally sign your ATF Form 4 document. This can be using your smartphone or using a mouse on your computer.
6. Once you have signed the documents the forms are sent to the ATF for processing. Current wait times are 7-10 months. We call you once we receive your approved form 4 back from the ATF.
7. Using the kiosk is only needed that one time, after that you can buy at anytime without needing to come back since the system retains your info for next purchase. The ATF wait time will remain the same, but the ease of purchasing is much easier.

Gun Works has a mission to provide great service and great products. We specialize in silencer sales and have a digital kiosk to capture fingerprints.

If you live in Cleveland or any of the surrounding towns like East Cleveland, South Cleveland, Laurel Springs, East View, Prospect, Mount Vernon, Rolling Hills, Mountainbrook, Foxfire, Waterville come to Gun Works for all your firearm needs.

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