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Handgun Safety Rule 3: Always Keep Gun Unloaded Until Ready For Use

http://www.detroitccw.com – In this video Chief Firearms Instructor Rick Ector discusess Handgun Safety Rule 3: Always keep gun unloaded until ready for use.

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Awards and Recognition
– GRPC Defender of Freedom Award (2016)
– MCRGO Gun Advocate of the Year (2014)
– MI Second Amendment March Keynote (2014)

Background Info
Rick Ector is an NRA credentialed firearms trainer based in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, he is a sought after public speaker who delivers speeches on the subjects of Second Amendment Advocacy, Gun Rights, and the History of Gun Control. Moreover, his signature program is the introduction of firearm safety to women via free training. In 2019, he gave over 800 women a free range safety briefing and shooting lesson – in one day. He is a life member of both the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Social Media Links/Contact Info
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MichiganCCW
Blogger: http://www.legallyarmedindetroit.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/detroitccw
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rickector
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/detroitccw
Email: detroitccw@gmail.com
Web: http://www.detroitccw.com

Documentary Appearances
– Jordan Klepper Solves Guns (2017)
– The DL: Gun Control’s Racist History (2017)
– The DL: Why Women Own Guns (2017)
– The DL: The Right-To-Carry Revolution (2017)
– The DL: Armed In The Age of Terrorism (2017)
– The DL: Gun Rights On Trial (2017)
– USA, Le Pays Qui Arme Ses Enfants (2016)
– Detroit: Armed and Determined (2014)
– Lock n Load: Women of Detroit Are Arming Themselves (2012)

National Speaking Appearances
– 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Phoenix, AZ)
– 2018 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Chicago, IL)
– 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Dallas, TX)
– 2016 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Tampa Bay, FL)

Michigan Gun Rights Speaking Appearances
– 2019 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
– 2018 Michigan Constitutional Rally/Michigan Capitol
– 2018 Michigan March For Our Rights Rally/Michigan Capitol
– 2016 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
– 2015 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
– 2014 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol (Keynote)
– 2013 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol

Published Appearances and Mentions
– Civilian Combat (Coryell, White Feather 2016)
– Detroit City Is The Place To Be (Benelli, Mark. Metropolitan Books. 2012),
– Gun Guys: A Road Trip (Baum, Dan. Knopf. 2013)
– The Santa Shooter: Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Self Published, 2017)
– Logic of American Politics (Kernell, Jacobson, and Kousser. CQ Press. 2015)
– Knowing Guns (Chisolm, Stu. 2013)

Annual Community Service Event For Women
2019: 800+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2018: 700+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2017: 600+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2016: 400+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2015: 300+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2014: 200+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2013: 100+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day
2012: 50+ Women Given FREE Range Briefing/Shooting Lesson in One Day

Firearm Training Certifications
Training Counselor (NRA)
Chief RSO (NRA)
Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor (NRA)
Certified Pistol Instructor (NRA)
Certified Rifle Instructor (NRA)
Certified Shotgun Instructor (NRA)
Certified Personal Protection Inside Home Instructor (NRA)
Certified Personal Protection Outside Home Instructor (NRA)
Certified Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor (NRA)
Certified Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor (NRA)

Firearm Training Specialties
– Instructor Level Firearm Training
– Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Classes
– Private Shooting Lessons
– Handgun Selection Consultations

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Handgun safety on the arm rest while camping on the Trans-America Trail

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