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Glock Dominates the Handgun Market

Why Glock Dominates the Handgun Market


The tale of the Glock is simply fantastic.

In the interfering thirty-five years, the Glock has ended up being the dominant handgun in a crowded area of competitors. In spite of rigid competitors from nations imitating his polymer layout, Glock 17 pistols serve with such diverse forces as the British Armed Forces, the Swedish Armed Forces, Indian special forces, the Iraqi military, the Israeli Defense Forces and the Yemeni armed force. The Glock 17 outfits dozens of militaries and also numerous police worldwide. (more…)

Shooting Tips

Shooting Tips


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Firearm training takes a commitment to spend the time practicing those skills critical to shooting, no matter your experience level. The most important way to be safe with a firearm is training, comfort level, and experience. (more…)

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