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Gun Works was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a great service and provide customers with great products. We specialize in silencer sales and have the only digital kiosk in the area to capture your fingerprints. Gun Works has all types of handguns for sale as well as rifles, shotguns and accessories. We specialize in custom orders. If we don’t have in stock, we can order and have in stock within 3 business days in most cases. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving the needs of our customers.

Silencer vs Suppressor: Are They The Same?

In the gun world, there are two terms that are often used interchangeably – silencer and suppressor. Those who don’t know will think they’re different things, but they’re not. Learn more about the explanation behind silencer vs suppressor below!

Silencer vs Suppressor

Silencer vs Suppressor

You can find all kinds of attachments and accessories for your favorite firearms. Some of the most popular are suppressors and silencers.

But many folks express some confusion when it seems that products called either term seemed to do the same thing.

Is there a real difference between suppressors and silencers? Not really. In fact, they’re functionally identical. But let’s break down why you hear two terms instead of one.

They’re the Same Thing

Glock 17 Gen4

Glock 17 Gen4 9mm Pistol at Gun Works

The Glock 17 Gen4 introduces revolutionary design changes to the world’s most popular pistol. The modular backstrap design lets the user to adapt the grip to hand size, and the frame surface exhibits the scientifically-designed Gen4 rough textured technology. The dual-recoil spring assembly substantially increases the life of the system, and the enlarged reversible magazine catch easily accommodates left- or right-handed operators. The G17 Gen4 retains the Glock accessory rail for accessory attachment. This G17 Gen4 model has a black frame with black slide, fixed sights, 5.5-lb. trigger pull, and a 17-round capacity.

We Shoot What We Sell

First Responder Discount at Gun Works

Did you know

as a First Responder professional, you are eligible for a special discount on your firearm purchase from industry-leading brands? At Gun Works, we honor these discounts and allow you to save even more when you purchase you firearm from us. Let us help you with your next firearm purchase, so you get the equipment you want at the best price possible.
You can qualify if you are on this list!

  • All sworn Law Enforcement (LE) officers, including State, County, and Local
  • All Federal LE officers (FBI, US Marshal, DEA, etc.)
  • All Retired LE officers, including Federal, State, County, and Local
  • All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • State-licensed Security Companies (e.g., Loomis Fargo, RAM Security, Securitas, etc.)
  • State and local-licensed Security Officers
  • Active military personnel – all branches
  • National Guard personnel – all branches
  • Military Reserve personnel – all branches
  • Disabled military personnel (in any capacity)
  • Officially retired military veterans
  • Licensed Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Firefighters (including volunteers)
  • Additional fire personnel, including Fire Marshalls and Arson Detectives
  • First Responders
  • County Coroners
  • All Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees
  • Commercial Pilot License holders, regardless of class
  • Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges and Court Officers
  • District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructors
  • LE Academy or College students with proof of enrollment in a Criminal Justice Program
Bulk Ammo

Bulk Ammo

We just received a drop shipment of Bulk Ammo. Get yours while it is available! 500rds of .223 55gr - $425 250rds of .308 147gr - $275 500rds of .40 S&W 165gr - $425 400rds of 300 BLK 147gr - $440 200rds of 300 BLK 147gr - $225 50rds of 300 BLK 220gr -...

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Tennessee Gun Law 2020

Tennessee Gun Law 2020

Tennessee gun law to change in 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn. — (AP) — Tennessee will soon begin offering a new concealed carry-only handgun permit that doesn't require an applicant to demonstrate the ability to fire a weapon. Under the new handgun law, a permit to carry a...

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Financing Available

Financing Available

Have you been wanting a new firearm or silencer? We have partnered with Solutions Finance to offer you "90 Days Same as Cash" financing on any purchase over $200.00. Or you can finance purchases for longer terms to fit your budget. The process is very easy and can be...

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Say No to Walmart

Say No to Walmart

Walmart announced it will reduce its gun and ammunition sales and said it will stop selling handgun ammunition and "short-barrel rifle ammunition," such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber, that can also be used on assault-style weapons after selling all of its...

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More Bulk Ammo

More Bulk Ammo

We just received a drop shipment of Bulk Ammo. Get yours while it is available! 500rds of .223 55gr - $425 250rds of .308 147gr - $275 500rds of .40 S&W 165gr - $425 400rds of 300 BLK 147gr - $440 200rds of 300 BLK 147gr - $225 50rds of 300 BLK 220gr -...

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Top 10 Silencer Questions

Top 10 Silencer Questions

There are many questions concerning the ownership and use of a silencer or noise suppressor on your firearms. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.Under federal law, it has never been illegal to own a silencer. If it is legal for you to buy a...

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Buying A Silencer

Buying A Silencer

Steps to buying a silencer: 1. We have a silencer kiosk in our store at Gun Works in Cleveland or you can visit our own special link at the Silencer Shop (No transfer fees with Silencer Shop) 2. You will purchase the silencer and tax stamp through Silencer Shop. If...

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